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The Parish of Drumlish lies in the Northern end of County Longford and is part of the Diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnois. The Churches of the parish are located in the town of Drumlish and in the neighbouring village of Ballinamuck.

Drumlish Parish extends from the eastern side of the parish of Clonguish to a short distance beyond the village of Ballinamuck.

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~~ Latest News ~~

Responsibility for sacramental preparation to shift to parishes

Date Published: 06/Dec/2019

Responsibility for sacramental preparation to shift to parishesNew approach, which will be centred on supporting parents in sharing faith with their children, will see voluntary lay catechists trained to prepare children for Baptism, Confession, First Communion and Confirmation.2019.12.04.Read more...Read On

Red Wednesday in solidarity with persecuted

Date Published: 28/Nov/2019

Red Wednesday in solidarity with persecutedACN points out that 80 per cent of people persecuted throughout the world are Christians. This amounts to 245 million Christians who face extreme persecution for their faith.2019.11.28.Read more...Read On

Diocesan Assembly - Reflection by Bishop Francis Duffy

Date Published: 24/Nov/2019

The following is the address given by Bishop Francis Duffy at our second preparatory session for the upcoming Diocesan Assembly in May 2020  Assembly Preparatory Meeting, 23rd November 2019 Good morning everyone. Our process of listening and discerning is a very exciting one for our local Church, in this diocese of Ardagh and Clonma...Read On

Bishop warns married priests are not the answer to ‘crisis of faith’

Date Published: 15/Nov/2019

Chai Brady November 14, 2019 Bishop Farrell Photo: Kilkenny People Exclusive
 Radical plan will see Masses cut by 1/3 Unveiling a new plan that will see Masses cut in a bid to enliven congreg...Read On

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