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Who am I to deny unborn children of future the right to life?


By Susan Gately - 19 January, 2018

If my viewpoint turns people against me and costs me my seat and the right to be here in this Chamber, I would gladly lose it, says Independent deputy speaking out for unborn.

Deputy Michael Healy Rae

There was one pro-life voice in the opening debate on the repeal of the Eighth Amendment on Wednesday in Dáil Eireann.

Independent Deputy, Michael Healy Rae said he wanted to talk about “the unborn children of the past, the present and the future”.  Ireland has progressed, he said. “We have seen what happened and the awfulness of the Kerry babies case which we debated earlier today. Nobody wants an Ireland like that. Nobody wants an Ireland where, if a young lady becomes pregnant, it is as if there is something wrong with her because she became pregnant. That is a total abomination to me.”

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