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Acknowledge rather than defend errors of the past: Bishop McKeown


By Sarah Mac Donald -

Bishop of Derry tells pilgrims at National Padre Pio Pilgrimage in Knock, “It is a dangerous form of Christianity that believes we have to be a strong and influential organisation giving the lying impression of being pure and perfect.”

Bishop of Derry, Dr Donal McKeown, and Archbishop of Armagh, Dr Eamon Martin. Pic: Stephen Latimer.

The Bishop of Derry has said the Church is called to acknowledge the errors of the past, not to defend them.

In his homily for the National Padre Pio Pilgrimage in Knock on Monday, Bishop Donal McKeown warned that it is “idolatrous to worship or to seek to recreate a flawed past”.

He said the Church’s job today is not to dream of, or work for, a strong Church in the future.

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