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Diocesan Assembly and Synod Pathway


Diocesan Assembly and Synod Pathway

Since September 2019 we have been invited to take part in a listing process throughout the Diocese. Over the first few months, delegates from each parish worked with a wide and varied group of people, to look at their needs and what parish meant for them today. 

Some of those who took part were involved in parish life and others were not; there were also a good many individual submissions received from people throughout the diocese over this period of time.  From these submissions a number of pastoral priorities were voted on, to be developed further. With Covid-19 the work of the Assembly was put on hold, but opportunities were taken to listen to the effects of these last two years on parish life and on parishioners. 

This month all this work will be gathered together as delegates will assemble in person to work on furthering the priorities that have been discerned over these two years. 

During this period of time Pope Francis invited submissions from around the world in a Synodal pathway, in the same way that our Diocesan Assembly invited us to listen and discern the Spirit in our parishes today. All the work and viewpoints that have been shared over the last two years will now also form the basis of our submission to the Synod Pathway. 


There is a line in the prayer for the Assembly which says: “Jesus, you promise us your Holy Spirit to guide us always until the end of time”.


We invite you to keep the Assembly of parish representatives on the 14th May and those involved in the Synod in your thoughts and prayers at this time.